Score unfair on Sharks – Gold

Date published: August 24 2015

Although the official result will state that the Golden Lions beat the Sharks in Durban at the weekend, the full story is not reflected.

That was the word from Sharks boss Gary Gold, who pointed out that his side held a 16-10 lead late in the match before the visitors fought back to clinch a 31-16 victory.

With a six-point lead and 14 minutes to go, the Sharks were likely contenders for victory, but for a flurry of 21 points scored by the Lions to deliver a score-line that was somewhat flattering.

“The final result was not a fair points’ reflection,” said a disappointed Gold. 

“We were leading 16-10 and had showed a lot of fight against a very good team. We know how good and cohesive they are, having scored 90s points in the first two rounds.

“If we look at it analytically, we just made bad errors at crucial times and luck did not go our way. For instance, we really put them under pressure at lineout time but when they overthrow the ball in a lineout early in the first half, it bounced up for them and they scored.

“I am just happy with the character and fight we showed.”

Gold explained that the style of rugby they want to play, one the supporters want to watch, comes with potentially high stakes. 

The higher the risk, the greater the reward. But risk can also not bear fruit and the Lions capitalised late in the game when the Sharks looked to run the ball at them.

“If you want to play an up-tempo game, you stand the risk of making errors,” added Gold. 

“Or we could just play a completely conservative game, with no rugby in our half and then we would limit errors. But we want to put ourselves under pressure by playing good rugby, we just need to eliminate the errors.”

Gold was also pleased with the energy shown, after finding it lacking the previous week.

“The guys were up for it on defence and brought a lot of energy in that department, and that is all we can ask for," he explained.

"We did not have the energy against the Kings but we had it against the Lions.”