Schmidt impressed with Ireland talent pool

Date published: November 25 2016

Ireland coach Joe Schmidt says a win against Australia would be proof of the growing talent Ireland have at their disposal.

The men from the Emerald Isles are on the brink of beating all three Southern Hemisphere giants in the same year after wins against South Africa and New Zealand and now have the opportunity to topple Australia.

“If we could get a result against Australia after getting a result in Cape Town and a result in Chicago, we could really say that we’ve got some kids that are coming through and that we’re building something that will endure a little bit further into next year and the year after,” Schmidt told the Belfast Telegraph.

“I’d like to think that we can finish really positively, in a similar vein, and it would be great to get the result; it would be a bit historic.”

The Ireland boss said he was brimming with pride after seeing the amount of effort his charges are putting into improving themselves.

“These players really do take pride. There’s not too many of them you can point out and say, ‘well, he doesn’t have pride in what he’s doing’. He may not get everything right. But he’s working, he wants to get it right.

“It’s incredibly hard not to get emotionally caught up with how much effort they’re making. You are just trying to help them get the reward that they deserve for rolling their sleeves up.

“There’s kids coming into this side that are pretty wide-eyed. If they can gain more experience this weekend, that’s incremental.”