Samoa threaten to strike – report

Date published: November 12 2014

According to a report, Samoa could boycott next week’s Test with England due to several matters relating to the Samoa Rugby Union.

According to a report, Samoa could boycott their upcoming international with England due to several matters relating to the Samoa Rugby Union.

The Rugby Paper has revealed that senior players recently contacted the International Rugby Board (IRB) via a letter which explains the grievances.

Included in the letter are alleged concerns over a lack of financial transparency within the SRU, players being expected to pay air fares, coaches being denied a complete rein on selection and their team line-up being announced on social media websites before players are even notified.

“As players, we’re unhappy with the incompetence of the Samoan Rugby Union in its current shape and under its current leadership,” the letter continued in the exclusive report from the paper.

“We would like to notify you that we have called for the resignation of a number of senior officials within the Samoan Rugby Union and will be boycotting our game against England on the 22nd of November should our feelings not be addressed.

“As a unified players group, it is felt that these issues are affecting our success on the field and we can no longer play under such poor leadership.”

Samoa take on Canada in Vannes this Friday and a source close to the squad has informed The Rugby Paper of their expected plan to strike, in a move that would cost the English Rugby Football Union a significant amount of money if the international is called off.

“This has been coming for years. We’re so poorly managed and poorly governed at the top and the players have had enough. There’s heavy stuff going on,” said the source.

“There’s no communication between the SRU and the players, no transparency over funding and rugby in Samoa is dying out. The players are unified that the England game will not happen and that it’s the only way to make the big-wigs take notice.”