Ross awaits Domingo clash

Date published: March 12 2014

Ireland tighthead prop Mike Ross has hailed the front-row depth in the squad ahead of their Six Nations fixture with France on Saturday.

Ireland tighthead prop Mike Ross has praised the front-row stocks in their squad ahead of the Six Nations game against France in Paris on Saturday.

Ross, who is in decent form, will go up against Thomas Domingo at the Stade de France as the scrum laws continue to see a divide in opinions.

He is under no illusions it will be tough evening in Paris, one that he goes into fairly confident after enjoying a good Championship in the set-piece.

“I know Thomas Domingo quite well having played against him so many times over the years,” Ross told Press Association Sport.

“He's a good lad and I'll probably have a beer with him afterwards, but when he's on the pitch he'll try to get into you.

“He's short, squat, he'll try to get under you and take you up, and on the far side then you've got Nicolas Mas who's a fairly well-capped veteran and I think he's been playing quite well, having watched a bit of him.

He added: “Their scrum has been mixed: sometimes they'll absolutely murder teams, others they get disrupted.

“So again we'll be working hard on that ourselves, trying to make sure any ball they do get is as unpleasant as possible for their scrum-half.

“I think there's a bit of acclimatising to the new laws, but I think our scrum's been going quite well so far.

“And we've got to make sure it continues on that upward curve. I think it's something we've worked extremely hard on.

“Some of the scrummaging sessions we've been doing it feels like another fitness session. There's a lot of pressure: the new laws have changed it from being hit with a sledge to being squeezed in a vice.

“So out goes the sledge and in comes the vice, so it's a different type of pressure.

“With the squad we have, we've got Marty Moore and Jack McGrath pushing myself and Cian Healy hard every week.

“So you know if you're even a fraction off, they'll have you. I think that's good for the squad as a whole and it's been working quite well for us.

“If you look at the impact the bench has been making in the last few weeks, it's really been making quite a difference.

“Cian's world-class, he's going so well out there, and the new laws have really suited him. He's so strong. Jack McGrath has been playing well too though, the pair of them mixing and matching quite well for both Leinster and Ireland.”