Romania win Nations Cup

Date published: June 22 2015

Romania thrashed the Argentina Jaguars 23-0 in Sunday's decider in Bucharest to be crowned Nations Cup champions for the third time in the competition's 10-year history.

A masterclass of scrummaging enabled Romania to overcome a young and ambitious Jaguars side.

The Romanian front-row of Mihaita Lazar, Otar Turashvili and Vlad Badalicescu, the latter in his second start in the yellow jersey, did most of the damage up front and were well supported by the young second-row pair of Marius Antonescu and Marian Drenceanu, who boast between them only 12 international appearances.

Meanwhile, Spain beat Namibia 20-3 in the opening match of the final round of the tournament to finish third.

Nations Cup final standings:

1. Romania
2. Argentina Jaguars
3. Spain
4. Namibia


Round 3 
Namibia 3-20 Spain
Romania 23-0 Argentina Jaguars

Round 2
Romania 43-3 Namibia
Argentina Jaguars 15-6 Spain

Round 1
Argentina Jaguars 30-10 Namibia
Romania 35-9 Spain

With thanks to World Rugby