Robertson careful not to criticise HIA

Date published: April 14 2017

Crusaders head coach Scott Robertson was careful not to criticise the HIA on Seta Tamanivalu so as to avoid the wrath of Sanzaar officials.

During the Saders’ win over the Sunwolves, Tamanivalu was yellow-carded for bringing Sunwolves full-back Kotaro Matsushima down in the air.

After the incident in the 50-3 home victory, he lay on the ground feigning an injury, as he was perhaps fearing reprisal from the match officials.

It gave the impression that he was knocked out after a blow to the head and a ruling was made that he could not re-enter the game despite the flying winger assuring coach Robertson that he felt fine and ready to play on.

However, after sitting in the sin-bin for ten minutes, Tamanivalu was not allowed to return to the field of play and instead it was George Bridge who took to the field as his replacement in a rather confusing period of events.

“It was pretty harsh on Seta, getting the HIA for contesting in the air,” Robertson told

“The sideline doctor saw him lying down and they pulled him, which was a shame. This is a chance for me to say they have got a right to do that but maybe check him as well.

“They just made a call, and didn’t let him go back on. But he seems fine. It is a bit of a shame.

“It was just a sideline doctor saying ‘look he has lay down’ and we think he has been knocked out … It is just a bit of a shame, because he is actually okay.

“But it is one of those things. That is the rule, and you live with it.

“I don’t want to get too far down that track because it is for the welfare of the player.

“The ref looks at it on the screen and believes he was knocked out – (but) Seta said he was just lying there.”