Ritchie wants Marler investigation dropped

Date published: March 22 2016

Ian Ritchie believes that World Rugby should not look into Joe Marler’s ‘gypsy boy’ slur directed at Wales prop Samson Lee.

The Harlequins prop came off with a warning after the Six Nations disciplinary committee investigated the incident in England’s 25-21 victory over Wales at Twickenham during the penultimate round of matches.

According to the RFU chief executive, Marler’s half-time apology should be evident that the 25-year-old regretted his actions. He also noted that the Six Nations have already dealt with the matter.

World Rugby have however asked for more information regarding the incident.

“Let’s take some perspective and let’s not deflect from what we did in terms of the Grand Slam,” Ritchie told the Evening Standard.

“As far as Joe’s concerned, pretty clearly what he said was entirely inappropriate, he recognised that, he apologised very quickly and has apologised publicly since then.

“It’s pretty clear that nobody made a complaint about it, and I think Samson Lee’s reaction to it has been evident and he accepted the apology.”

The 62-year-old executive confirmed that Eddie Jones has addressed it with the player.

“Eddie and I spoke about it and when Eddie talks to someone that person is left in no doubt as to the appropriate nature of his behaviour, and that it should not be repeated,” he said.

“There was no citing officer complaint, there was no referee complaint, and the Six Nations looked at the matter fully as well, and came to a conclusion.

“So as far as I’m concerned that should be the end of the matter.

He says that his hands are tied should the powers that be decide to spend any more time on the matter.

“If they want to look at it, they should look at it, and so be it. I don’t think nothing was done, I think all of the things I’ve just outlined were what happened and what was done.

“World Rugby may well take action and if that’s the case, that’s the case.”