RFU back trimming Six Nations to six weeks

Date published: March 25 2017

RFU chief executive Ian Ritchie has backed reducing the Six Nations period from seven weeks to six from 2019.

The tournament currently operates on a seven-week basis with rest weeks after the second and third matches.

Plans for the new global season from 2019 were announced recently by World Rugby to an overall positive reception, but there has been opposition towards taking out a rest week from the Six Nations.

Ritchie however feels confident that reducing the tournament's overall length by a week would improve the competition.

"We think it would improve it," Ritchie told the BBC.

"It would narrow the 'off' periods and help with the broader narrative.

"It's absolutely right to always be thinking about what to do to enhance, improve and make the Six Nations better. We think it is a good route. It may well be that others agree or disagree."