Rennie still not satisfied

Date published: July 9 2016

Despite his side's 50-5 bonus-point win over the Reds in Brisbane, Chiefs coach Dave Rennie wasn't satisfied.  

The Chiefs boss, whose side made a big move to keep top spot in the New Zealand conference, said although the Hamilton outfit were good, they could still improve.

"We're happy we got five points," Rennie told Fairfax Media

"But we've kept it in perspective. It's a game where, if we'd been really clinical, we could've probably got another 20 points. 

"We had a number of opportunities where, if we'd done the obvious, we would have scored." 

"It's just a decision-making thing, and to be honest, if you're footwork's good then you get an opportunity to get in behind tacklers and keep it alive," said Rennie. 

"If you run straight into people and get dominant-tackled then it's hard to do that." 

"If we get things going we can be pretty lethal."