Read wants clean match against France

Date published: October 14 2015

All Blacks loose forward Kieran Read hopes that both teams will be able to produce a clean fixture during the quarter-final against France this weekend.

Previous fixtures between these two proud rugby nations have been marred by considerable off-the-ball activity and Read said it would not be in the interests of the game to have any repeats during the clash in Cardiff.

"The game doesn't need that," said Read.

Fixtures between France and New Zealand have always captured the imagination of the rugby fraternity, primarily because both teams have often met at critical stages of the campaign. Naturally, tensions have often been high when both teams have played. However, Read does not want them to boil over.

"This game's a great game and we want to showcase the talents we've got within. So we'll play it as hard as we can physically but certainly as fair as we can," added Read.

In the past there have been accusations of eye gouging, the grabbing of genitalia and other forms of violence on the field of play when these teams compete. 

"If teams are going to start doing that then you've got to adapt as quickly as you can," explained Read.

Fellow loose forward Jerome Kaino echoes similar sentiments, adding that technological advances have helped stem that kind of behaviour.

"We don't go into a game thinking about that kind of stuff," said Kaino.

"Our sole focus has been to get our game going and we've seen the trend of referees how they've been in this World Cup and you don't want to be on that side of the referees where you get carded and cost your team.

"We want to be clean. Play hard but fair but we don't want that kind of stuff."