Rampaging Sinoti talks tactics

Date published: March 5 2015

Newcastle winger Sinoti Sinoti has been one of the stars of the season in the Premiership so far, scoring tries and beating defenders for fun.

The 29-year-old has featured only once for Samoa, during a Test against Japan in 2010, but has hopes of turning out for his country at this year's Rugby World Cup and deserves to on the back of some blistering form in England's top flight.

Revealing what goes through his head each time he gets the ball in his hands, Sinoti freely admits that kicking isn't the strongest part of his game.

“It looks simple but there are plenty of things going through my head. As soon as I get the ball I’m thinking, what’s the best option for me to take to get the team in the right place to mount the next attack?” Sinoti told The Rugby Paper.

“If I need to run just to settle the game down then I’ll pretty much run straight, but I tend to try and get the ball to the middle of the field so we can attack on both sides.

“I don’t like to kick because there are a lot of other boys that can do that. I’ve been caught out a few times when I needed to kick the ball and opted to run instead but luckily the coaches are kind on me.”

Sinoti puts his running style down to hours of practice as a child and learning from his idols watching back on television in Wellington.

“Growing up, rugby and sport was all we had to do, there were no shopping malls or anything like that. We used to play in the road any chance we got. Gradually you pick things up in terms of your footwork and you take it from there, it wasn’t like I copied anyone off TV.”