Racing duo say ‘non’ to France

Date published: April 23 2015

Racing Metro coaching duo Laurent Labit and Laurent Travers have poured cold water on rumours linking them to the France coaching job.

Earlier this month, the French Federation launched a call for bids to become the next France head coach and succeed Philippe Saint-André after the World Cup.

But the coaching duo – who took Castres all the way to the Top 14 title in 2013 before switching to Racing – insist they won't be making an application, despite their names being widely circulated as potential candidates.

"We are committed with the president Jacky Lorenzetti on a long-term project," Labit told Rugbyrama.

"That goes from the training to the professional team and also means the arrival of our new stadium: Arena 92.

"We don't see ourselves jumping ship before the completion of these projects, and especially at the beginning of our stint here at Racing-Metro.

"We are men of our word,

"There is a commitment for four years, maybe it will be more, and we wish to remain faithful to the colours of Racing ".

Travers and Labit's contract runs until 2017 and is currently being renegotiated for an extension, which is likely to happen soon.

"Everyone spoke about it insistently and players came to us to learn more about their future, if they should leave or stay," added Travers.

"One must understand that our commitment is both sporting and moral with our president, but also with all the players who we have recruited and are recruiting. The France team is something every coach dreams, but there was also ethics that must be respected."