Puma loss a low moment for Habana

Date published: August 10 2015

Bryan Habana says South Africa's shock home loss to Argentina was as bad as anything he has experienced in rugby.

The veteran Springbok scored a late consolation for South Africa, but it did little to make up for the 37-25 loss in the final game of the Rugby Championship.

As well as being South Africa's first-ever loss to Argentina, it also meant the Springboks finished last in the Rugby Championship and have now lost four games in a row.

While they were very close to beating both Australia and New Zealand, Saturday's performance was a real step back, and Habana admits the team has a lot of thinking to do about how they will turn things around.

"The Pumas, to their credit, played positively, and we were caught asleep at crucial moment, and that can only come down to individual concentration and commitment, and that is why the player have to ask themselves if they were truly in the right frame of mind for this game," Habana told Supersport.

"I know the coach and his staff have given us everything we need to perform at our best and we have let them and all South Africans down.

"This is as low as anything I have experienced in my career and it takes me right back to 49-0 (loss to Australia in 2006). Nothing went right, there was no response, a complete lack of energy. As individuals and South Africans, we let the country down not much because we lost, but because of the way we played.

"There had been so much excitement in this group after the encouraging performances of the fortnight of matches against Australia and New Zealand. But now all we are left with is extreme introspection on an individual basis because you can’t have your leaders on the field asking for a response and getting nothing from the players, and that is from one to 23.

"The next 48 hours will see the senior players leading a lot of introspection in the group to see where we are as players and as a team, and whether we really believe we can go on and do something special in a few weeks time."