Parisse: ‘I’ll never abandon Paris’

Date published: November 16 2015

Stade Français captain Sergio Parisse has vowed that he will never leave Paris out of fear following last week's terrorist attacks.

Parisse was in action on Friday for his club in the Champions Cup against Leicester away from where the tragic events were happening back in Paris.

The squad are now back in the French capital training for this weekend's Champions Cup match with Munster on Sunday.

Parisse admitted that the atmopshere was "surreal" as his side try and focus on the task ahead.

“Like everyone here, whether Parisian or not, there is a great mood of fear, uneasiness and anger,” Parisse told LaPresse.

“It is a surreal atmosphere. My teammates and I are living in confusion but there is solidarity amongst us.

“I think it is worse for the French players. The pain is greater because it involves their friends and relatives."

Despite that, Parisse said that he would never abandon a city that he has come to call home during his ten years with Stade since joining from Treviso back in 2005.

“It would be a betrayal of my love for Paris and all my French friends if I were to leave now,” he added.

“It would recognise the victory for the terrorists.”