O’Driscoll rejects rule change claims

Date published: March 26 2015

Ireland legend Brian O'Driscoll believes there is no need to change any of rugby's laws to make the sport more entertaining.

New Zealand head coach Steve Hansen worried that the sport was becoming too defensive-minded after a visit to Europe during the Six Nations, claiming that rugby may become 'boring', but O'Driscoll has put the onus on the officials rather than the rules themselves.

"I'm against changing it (the rules). Part of the issue is that there's different interpretations between the hemispheres," O'Driscoll told AFP in Hong Kong.

"Be it north or south, referees look at things slightly differently and rule things differently. All the players want is consistency."

O'Driscoll also believes that the SANZAR trio will have taken notice at the final day of the Six Nations.

"Other than the last weekend it wasn't the best Six Nations, but what it did do is remind us in the Northern Hemisphere what we are capable of doing," added O'Driscoll.

"To see three games of that strength in depth and that magnitude, I would imagine that some of the Southern Hemisphere teams looked on and paid some attention."