O’Connell undecided after England win

Date published: March 2 2015

Ireland captain Paul O'Connell admits that he still hasn't made a decision over possibly retiring at the end of this year.

The 35-year-old was however sensible enough to admit however that he had probably faced England for the last time in Dublin during the Six Nations, following Sunday's 19-9 victory.

O'Connell was quick to stress that he wasn't trying to cause any drama by not having yet made a final decision on his future and that he genuinely wasn't sure if he would play on.

However the Munster legend added that being in the best possible condition for a final crack at the Rugby World Cup remained his objective.

"It could have been but I don't know yet, I'm undecided," said O'Connell.

"I'll probably make the decision soon enough, I really want to play to the World Cup and be in the best shape I can there and see after that.

"That probably was my last Six Nations game against England in Dublin: there's no point kidding myself too much.

"I'm not trying to make a big deal by not saying anything, I just genuinely haven't decided what to do yet.

"I'm really enjoying playing at the moment in the set-up we have in Ireland, but I'm conscious we have a lot of good second-rows coming through as well.

"The World Cup is a big focus for me to try to go there and be in the best shape I can, and around then will be decision-time for me."