No more double jerseys for Wallabies

Date published: April 30 2015

Michael Cheika has revealed that his Australia players will no longer be given two shirts per Test match.

Eager to strengthen the value of each shirt, Cheika said that there would be no more back-up shirts but that players were more than welcome to swap their shirt with the opposition if they wanted to.

Cheika revealed he only became aware of the two jersey custom on taking up the Wallaby job last year.

The Waratahs boss added that while the gesture might be small, it could add that extra bit of symbolism to wearing the gold strip.

“The majority of rugby players in this country never get a Wallabies jersey so you make the decision on the value of it,” Cheika told Fox Sports.

“You keep it, give it to an opponent, teammate or family member but you’re only getting one.

“It’s making sure every Wallaby is really clear they are representing, for example, every flanker in Australia at every age level who’d kill for one of those jerseys.

“I know these things aren’t going to win you anything on their own but these small bits of symbolism add up to make a difference.

“Saying ‘we’re all good mates’ is OK but you need more than that to be a truly, closeknit unit so you are prepared to give everything for each other out on the field.

“A lot is about getting to the right head space off the field because being on the same page is a powerful piece. You don’t need to be on the park for that.”