Mermoz dropped because of attitude

Date published: January 18 2015

Maxime Mermoz’s inability to accept not being a starter played a part in his omission from France’s Six Nations squad.

Backs coach Patrice Lagisquet explained that Mermoz struggles to hide his disappointment when he’s not included by les Bleus, and ahead of a World Cup which will see the players spend two and a half months together, that was part of the reason he was left out for the Championship.

Mermoz has been in outstanding form for Toulon this season, and was part of the French squad in November.

After missing out to Alexandre Dumoulin in the first two games, he was selected for the game against Argentina, but like much of the team, he struggled, during an 18-13 defeat.

“Maxime tends to show his disappointment when he’s not a starter,” Lagisquet told Rugbyrama.

“Even if I feel he’s opening up more and more in the lift of the squad, he finds it more difficult to cope with this situation, that’s clear.