McIntosh questions interview process

Date published: June 25 2015

Dale McIntosh was left disappointed with Cardiff Blues' interview process for their head coach role, as he feels the decision was made long ago.

The departing forwards coach, who alongside Paul John took charge of the team following Mark Hammett's mid-season exit, was on Wednesday let go.

Danny Wilson had recently been named as the new head coach and it appears the former Wales U20 coach is eager to bring in his own management team.

"They were after their man, they were after Danny. Danny acknowledged that himself," McIntosh, one on a five-man shortlist, told BBC Radio Wales Sport.

"They obviously knew the man they wanted so they chased him down.

"Realistically the interview process was questionable, but now that it's done everything's done amicably.

"It's just the way it is. Obviously I find myself out of the circle, but that's rugby and that's professional sport."