Mailbox: The Catt/Cipriani kerfuffle

Date published: March 11 2009

Danny Cipriani's refusal to shake Mike Catt's hand at the end of Sunday's Wasps-Irish clash was the latest sign that England's supposed prodigy was suffering mentally as pressure upon him refuses to let up.

Danny Cipriani's refusal to shake Mike Catt's hand at the end of Sunday's Wasps-Irish clash was the latest sign that England's supposed prodigy was suffering mentally as pressure upon him refuses to let up.

But suffering from undue pressure? Unfair coverage? Or possibly unrestrained arrogance?

We asked what you thought, and you made it pretty clear which of those three Cipriani's behaviour came down to…

If Mike Catt is offended by people taking offence at his verbal diarrhoea he should give it a rest!

“I have my opinions but I'll keep them to myself because I don't want to get into any bother.”

” I don't give a stuff. It's no skin off my nose, believe me. I now understand what Will Greenwood was saying and I understand why Josh Lewsey knocked him out.”

These two comments sum it up really.

Catt really should keep his mouth shut or stop complaining.


I'm with Catt 100 per cent on this one and the sooner the better that some people get it into their skull that they're not invincible or disposable the better. Maybe if Cipriani listens to some wise old heads the better……… ps well done Josh.

Donal O'Connell

I have played in matches in which two players red-carded for fighting each other shake hands off the pitch (having both been ejected) after the whistle goes. You ALWAYS shake after a game.

Wasn't last year's training dust-up with Lewsey also the result of Cipriani not being able to take criticism? He has let every bit of praise he's ever received get to his head, despite having been downgraded to the Saxons. Remember the last talked-up English back sent to the Saxons? Cipriani should perhaps have a sit-down with Tom Varndell if he wants a look into the future.

Furthermore, let's consider the hand he refused to shake. When the lights go out on Cipriani's career, I doubt that it'll have all the understated excellence of Mike Catt's.

For his crime, I sentence Cipriani to a fight to the death with Gavin Henson. The winner will receive the title of “Most Overblown, Fake Tan-Abusing Pretty Ioy”.

Jake Roberts, Montreal

Danny Cipriani is typical of an ignorant child who has all the tools but just doesn't know what to do with them.

People like Danny need to earn their stripes and then they can walk around with all the swagger and gusto.

Danny had a good year last year but this term he is off the boil and should not be strutting around like a superstar.

He needs to dig deep, get back to basics and do his talking on the pitch while respecting the opinions and views of people around him that have been there and done it.

All good players need to be arrogant in their play (the best always are) but great classy players are also humble and know how and when to big up themselves.

Danny is a long way away from where he thinks he is.

Warren Adams

I am pleased reference has been of this incident at the end of Sunday's match between Wasps and London Irish. Rugby is a gentlemen's game and no matter what has happened during the course of the match, the unwritten code between players is to shake hands and have a beer in the clubrooms afterwards.

Unfortunately, young Cipriani has no manners and no class.

His arrogrance and general persona is clearly not liked by his fellow players and he will never emulate the magnificent Mike Catt in achieving 75 caps and playing in 2 World Cup Finals!

Bruce Brooker

Catt wants his cake and to eat it. Either hehas some strong opinions which may have merit but which are not going to please those he targets for comment, or he is one of the lads and keeps his yap shut, shakes the guys hand after the game and buys him a beer. Bearing in mind Catt's latest contribution perhaps Cipriani is a good judge of character.

Ed Rainger from Birmingham

Definitely with Catt. The man has done it all and continues too. If Cipriani can get over himself and his celebrity life he should take the time to see that Catt and other players of his era are legends and the natural thing to do is look up to them!…………….and that's from a Scot!

Martin Dickson

This underpins everything wrong with English rugby at present. Cips', along with the likes of have never known the amateur era which was an entirely different ball game. They see a booster monthly pay packet and VIP treatment in the likes of Chinawhite's and believe they have made it. They'd prefer to sup champers on the Kings Road, darling, as opposed to grinding away hour after hour on a dark, cold training field.

The best thing Cipriani could do would be to get out of the limelight, and ply his trade in a rugby heartland like S France or the West Country, if of course that's what he wants to do. Otherwise, I could think of worse things than raking it in, playing (almost) top flight rugby and cuddling Brook.

Will Cooper

Rugby's rugby at the end of the day, regardless of what level you play at, if someone criticises you take what you can from it and plod on end of really!!!!

Never shun a player at the end of the game regardless of how they treated you on it… its called respect, you knocked lumps out of each other, shakes hands and go and get a beer (that's the law).

I'm with Catty 100 pe cent on this… Cipriani needs a wake up call and perhaps some time away from his girl and knocking down a few pegs so his ego is smaller!!!!

Richard Jones

When Cipriani came onto the senior scene I was not impressed and after a couple of seasons I am even less impressed by this immature young boy.

He is the product of an academy system that has left him thinking he is the bees knees and frankly he is not. Fragile personality, selfish approach plus conceit and vanity in bucketloads.

In contrast, Mike Catt is the epitome of the rugby player; amateur or professional. World Cup winner and as solid as they come. He has achieved it all and for anyone in rugby to refuse to shake his hand is a blemish on their reputation that will never fade away.

Cipriani, grow up, get rid of the hair and skin products, get rid of the spoilt brat approach and be a man. It will take you a few years to undo the damage you have inflicted on your image but if you want to cut it with the real men of rugby you need to start soon. If you don't you won't last 5 minutes – Rugby is a team game and there is no room anywhere in this world for prima donnas.

Gary Shanahan