Lam laments IRFU foreign player decision

Date published: January 4 2017

Connacht coach Pat Lam said that the IRFU will now allow his son Mitch Lam to play for the club even if he joins for free.

Lam has lamented the IRFU’s decision to not allow his son to play for Connacht despite an injury crisis. The IRFU has cracked down on foreign players playing for Irish teams to allow more opportunities for homegrown talent.

“It was turned down by the IRFU because he is a foreigner,” Lam told the Belfast Telegraph.

“Mitch was going to cost nothing, he’s my son so I wasn’t going to charge Connacht.

“We only needed somebody for three weeks because O’Leary is not far around the corner. Ronaldson is not far so it is just to cover the injuries. All the new guys need three or four weeks to know our calls.

“It’s a language the way we play. That was the whole purpose of asking Mitch to come up here, I was just preparing for this situation. But that’s fine. All of the provinces, they have to go through the processes and ask the question. Straight away the answer was no.”