Ireland keep an eye on World Rankings

Date published: November 23 2016

Ireland forwards coach Simon Easterby says the World rankings are in the back of their minds going into their clash with Australia.

Ireland recently rose up the World Rugby rankings to fifth place after beating New Zealand.

And with the Rugby World Cup draw coming up next year, if they can hold their place they are more likely to get an easier pool for Rugby World Cup 2019.

“The world rankings are in the background. That is there and it’s always going to be there until May 10 when they decide on the positions,” Easterby told the Press Association.

“Australia are one of a number of teams that are in the mix and jostling for one of those positions, whether it be top four, or staying in the top eight.

“It has a bearing but it’s not in the forefront of our minds because it’s more important that we get a performance and we get all our stuff right, and then hopefully on the back of that, those things will look after themselves.”

Easterby added that Ireland will try rectify mistakes they made against New Zealand last week in the upcoming clash with Australia.

“It’s just about us going out there and delivering some of the things we didn’t do and we felt like we could have done better against New Zealand,” Easterby said.

“That means our performance will improve and maybe we’ll take some of those opportunities, and prevent them from getting opportunities, and taking them as well.”