Hunt: ‘I’m not a bad man’

Date published: March 6 2015

Troubled star Karmichael Hunt insists that he is not a bad man after being fined and suspended following his cocaine possession charge.

Hunt was fined AUS$30,000 and given a six-match ban by the ARU after pleading guilty to four counts of possessing cocaine in a major drugs scandal.

"I've been sitting in a pretty vulnerable place for the last couple of weeks," Hunt told AAP.

"I don't want to lie and say I didn't fear the worst. What I did know is I'd made a mistake that is not too uncommon these days.

"It doesn't make me a bad man for it but, obviously, I'm disappointed in those decisions I made back then and how it landed me in this position now."

Hunt also added his gratitude to the Reds for not cutting him loose. The incident occured when Hunt was still playing in the AFL with the Gold Coast Titans.

"Obviously, the charges relate to a time where I wasn't contracted to the Reds," stated Hunt.

"They could easily have wiped their hands clean and said they didn't want to have anything to do with it and I appreciate that.

"I can't repay the faith overnight but I look forward to hopefully repaying the faith over the next couple of years on the field and off the field."