How to win at rugby league betting

Date published: February 22 2016

It’s an exciting time to be betting on the rugby. There are many great teams going around at the moment. Rugby is one of the safest ways to bet, no betting is entirely safe but rugby league betting is one of the best forms of betting to engage in. This is because there are some consistent predictors of success you can use to determine if a bet is a good one or a bad one.

You need to be able to make informed decisions about the bets you place, and you need to know that you can make the most from your betting. 

Study The League And Teams In It

One of the surest ways is to study the league and the teams in it. You need to remain up to date with information regarding the teams and their players. There is no other way to ensure you’re going to get a good chance of getting your money back.

All teams go through form slumps and periods when they’re in top form. So one of the best things to do is make sure that you know what form the teams are in that you’re thinking of betting on. Look at each game and do a mini-preview. Look at the past few games that each team has played in. 

Did they register comfortable wins? Did they win every game? Did they win some and lose some?

Studying and analysing the form of each of the teams is often one of the biggest predictors of betting success. By studying the recent form of the teams you’ll be able to make an informed decision about what teams to place your bets on and also how much to wager. Another good idea is to make sure you check the recent history and form between teams. 

For example, if one team has been beating their particular opponent consistently in recent history then it suggests there is something about their lineup and tactics that favours that team. 

For some reason some teams play better against certain opponents than others. The smart bet in this case would be to pick the team that as the better winning history even if their form at the moment isn’t particularly good.

Determine Injuries to Key Players

Another factor that should weigh into the equation are any injuries sustained to players. This is a big factor and often just losing one or two big name players is enough to cause many teams to lose. So before you place any bets make sure you look at any injuries that team may currently have, the position those players usually play in, and what kind of effect it could have on the team. 

Playing Style and Tactics of Each Team

Last but not least, you should look at the tactics and playing style of each team. Look at each teams strengths and weaknesses, and how it matches up against their opponent. Does one team have a very defensive style of play? Is one team renowned for being very aggressive in their playing style?

These kinds of things can play a big role in the outcome of matches so consider this before placing any bets. Generally, in sport in general the teams that are the best are the ones that have the perfect blend between a great defence and a great offence. Although, many teams don’t have this blend, but are more skewed in one direction.

So the easiest way t0 make sure you will increase your chances of winning with rugby league betting is:

Studying the recent form of both teams
Looking at the recent history between a team and their opponents
Looking at any injuries sustained to players
Looking at playing style and tactics of each team

Do your research first and then use any one of the 10 best rugby betting sites and you’re sure to be a winner.