Home comforts excite Robshaw

Date published: June 28 2015

England captain Chris Robshaw is determined to capitalise on home field advantage when they run out for their World Cup campaign later this year.

The back-row forward, who will lead his country at the upcoming tournament, knows they face tough pool tasks against Fiji, Wales, Australia and Uruguay.

But with a nation behind them, he is hopeful of using that as an advantage.

"It's a bonus, for sure," Quins flanker Robshaw told the Sunday Telegraph.

"People ask 'is it pressure?' No, we've got to put that pressure on other teams.

"Other teams come here playing in front of 60 million people cheering us on and we've got to use that to our advantage."

He added: "You've got to not look back after the tournament and say 'we could've done this, we should've done that'.

"Go out there, enjoy it, make the most of this occasion and hopefully do as well as possible."

Robshaw has drawn comparisons with the 2012 Olympic Games which were staged in London and cannot wait to feel the same buzz in September and October.

"I'm not hugely into my athletics and some of the things I went to see, but you get caught up in it," he said.

"You walked around the Olympic Park and you could feel the excitement, just how happy everyone was to be there, the passion of it.

"We want to bring the people who are potentially huge rugby fans, get them involved.

"The beauty of it is there's games all over the country."