Healy on course for World Cup

Date published: July 9 2015

Cian Healy is confident he will be ready for the World Cup as he recovers from a neck injury that disrupted his season.

The Leinster and Ireland loosehead prop missed large chunks of the season with the injury, and found himself second choice behind provincial team-mate Jack McGrath when he was able to play.

However he is now back in training with the rest of the Irish squad to build up his fitness ahead of the World Cup.

"It was just complete forced rest to give everything the best chance," he told 2FM.

"Now we’re back into building up the muscle, and kind of build a protection layer.

"At the moment it’s mostly fitness. You have to shed off the summer pounds, and start building up a bit of muscle again. I would have probably one or two weight sessions a day, and am also out on the pitch running.

"It’s pretty intense what we’re doing. It’s short, you’re not dragged in for too long. They don’t make too much time with what they don’t need. They take you in, and send you home.

"I was in and out of the starting team, and a lot of time on the bench. It’s a first for me, and it has to be done.

"You have to be able to share time, and work as a unit. Myself and Jack (McGrath) have done that very well for the last few years. It was my turn to sit on the bench and let him start and take that role. 

"It is [humbling to be on the bench]. It’s also quite a big drive. You do extra things. This time around I spent a lot more time doing my video work, and knowing all the roles and stuff, whereas it wasn’t as fluid when you start off in the starting role."