Hansen wants international season by 2020

Date published: August 7 2016

New Zealand boss Steve Hansen agrees with the idea to recede from the international fixture list if there isn’t an international season organised by 2020. 

New Zealand Rugby Union’s chief executive Steve Tew first brought up the idea to organise their own fixtures. And the year 2020 becomes viable because the current fixture calendar ends that year.

Hansen said agreed with Tew and believes New Zealand will still get plenty of Northern Hemisphere games.

“Every year, we’re getting asked to play extra games,” Hansen told Newstalk ZB.

“Tewie is right on the money. If we organise our own games, I’m sure we’ll get plenty of Northern Hemisphere takers who will to play us. They fill their stadiums when we play and they make a lot of money.”

The All Black head coach says that the global rugby community needs to work together to succeed in creating an international season.

“It just needs a willingness for everyone to look at it,” he said.

“Everyone will have to make some slight adjustments.”