Guildford quits Clermont

Date published: May 5 2015

Clermont wing Zac Guildford will return to New Zealand to confront "personal problems" and be with his family.

The club announced on Tuesday that Guildford would quit the Top 14 giants and return home as soon as possible.

"Faced with personal problems, Zac could not stand the distance between here and New Zealand and he expressed his wish to join relatives," a statement read.

"Despite the help of the entire team and the fact that we have accompanied him throughout the year, it was not enough.

"We knew that we were taking a gamble with Zac. From a sporting perspective, we were successful as he has met our expectations by playing twenty games (1445 minutes), unfortunately the weight of the distance and that resulting weakness are hurdles too big to overcome."

"Throughout the season, we were at his side. Unfortunately, it seems obvious that the best solution for him is to find solace and probably get help that we cannot provide," said Clermont coach Franck Azema.

The club added that they wished Guildford all the best.

"We will keep contact with Zac and can only hope that back in New Zealand he will find all the stability and support necessary to help him find the right track to continue his career and his life."