Graham waits to discover fate

Date published: June 13 2015

Reds head coach Richard Graham admits his future is out of his hands after watching his team end their season with a big loss in Sydney.

The Queensland outfit were hammered 31-5 by the Waratahs, letting in four second-half tries as they went down for a fourth time in a row against their rivals.

It caps a disastrous season for the Reds, who have won just four games all season and finish twelfth in the table, with speculation over Graham's future mounting.

"That's out of my hands at the moment, [there is] an independent review and they'll make their decision. I can't control it so I'm not overly worried about it at this point in time," he told Fairfax Media

"I haven't thought past this press conference, to be honest. That's been going on in the background but it's not something I can control, so the whole focus has been on getting the performance that we want right at the Reds, and to come down here and get the win.

"It's been a tough year, that's probably an understatement, but you could put me back out there next Saturday and I'd start the season again, competitive and with a real desire to win and get things right. 

"Unfortunately for us the season probably ended a couple weeks early, but we just need to look at how we turn things around as we go forward.

"At the moment you're living day to day, week to week, looking at this last five or six week period to get things right. 

"We for the first time in the last three weeks have been able to pick the side that we wanted to since the start. Some of the things we've done have been really good over that time.

"Anyone who's been involved in sport understands the psychology of it, there are moments and if you can grasp them you go forward, and if you can't, you sit around that same level."