Giteau approaches 100th test

Date published: October 16 2015

Australia's Matt Giteau has been enjoying the week leading up to earning his 100th Test cap on Sunday at Twickenham.

Life has gone full circle for the utility back since he earned his first cap for the Wallabies at Twickenham in 2002.

But Giteau is playing down the milestone event and focusing on challenge they will face from a fired-up Scotland. 

Having been involved in the 100th Tests of Aussie legends George Gregan, Stephen Larkham and George Smith, the former Brumbies player is familiar with the role he must play.

"The players will play them down, and so they should because it's a team sport and you want to chase that team success… but as a player, you don't want to let that guy down – that's how I felt, playing for those guys," said the 33-year-old, before cracking a joke.

"You really want to put in a good performance, and I don't want to put pressure on the other guys but, if they don't play well, I'll probably never speak to them ever again."

It has been an enjoyable week for the soon-to-be centurion, as Toulon teammate Drew Mitchell revealed.

"It's called 'the Hundy week', so if Gits asked for anything, he gets it," said Mitchell. 

"He is kind of now taking the piss a little bit. That's how he'd prefer it – to approach it more on the jovial side and try and brush away any accolade about it, or seriousness about it.

"That's kind of the way he likes to go about it. But again, speaking to him and knowing him as I do, it is something he will look back on as opposed to rubbing it in our faces."