Geduld excited for home crowd support

Date published: December 7 2016

Springbok Sevens player Justin Geduld said that playing in front of a vociferous home crowd at the Cape Town Sevens tournament on Saturday and Sunday will help motivate the side to play to the best of their abilities.

South Africa won the Dubai Sevens last weekend after beating Olympic gold medallists Fiji in the final 26-14. Geduld and his team mates attended a signing session in Cape Town on Wednesday afternoon and the interest from a large crowd was good for the team to see.

“Knowing that the crowd is behind you helps a lot as all we have to do, is to go out there, do our best and make them proud,” said Geduld.

“The crowd will have expectations, for sure, but we can’t wait for kick-off. We need to start all over again and not expect last weekend’s results to help us this week. We need to build a new innings again.”

Springbok Sevens forward Kwagga Smith agreed with Geduld and said that the crowd support gives the team energy.

“You can feel it when you run onto the field. We love spending time with our fans. They give their time to come and see us play, so we don’t mind giving back some of our own time to the fans.”

Dylan Sage, who made his Springbok Sevens debut in Cape Town last year, cannot wait for the tournament to start.

“It is fantastic to have all the people here and obviously it is great for us,” said Sage. “We are keen to keep the momentum we picked up last weekend. It is always nice and exciting to play at home, so we cannot wait.”