Four-week ban for Bisegni

Date published: December 30 2016

A Disciplinary Panel has convened in Dublin to consider the Citing Complaint lodged against Giulio Bisegni of Zebre for alleged foul play against a Treviso player on December 23 at Stadio Monigo.

Bisegni was charged with committing an act of foul play under Law 10.4 (m) – Contact with the Eye or Eye Area.

The Disciplinary Panel – Michael Coghlan (Chair), Philip Orr & George Spotswood – listened to testimony from Treviso representatives including a coach, the manager and the player while they also reviewed multiple video clips that were available.

In considering a sanction, the Panel were of the view that it was a low-end offence and when taking into account Section 7.6.35 of the PRO12 Disciplinary Rules, it was felt that a sanction of 50 percent of the low-end entry point would be disproportionate to this particular situation.

It was therefore determined that a further reduction of the sanction was merited, accordingly, the Panel concluded that a period of suspension of four weeks was appropriate in respect of this particular offence, the player can resume play from midnight of January 22, 2017.

The player has been reminded of his right to appeal.