Foley praises Force’s attitude

Date published: May 10 2015

Western Force head coach Michael Foley praised his side's attitude after their 18-11 victory over the Waratahs in Perth on Saturday.

The result was only the Force's second win of the season after they also beat the defending champions in Sydney in Round One.

“It was fantastic," said Foley.

"It’s been a long time coming and the boys deserved it.

“The attitude in that game was what made these guys the best team in the club’s history [last season]. There have been a number of narrow losses or ounces of the ball or calls that have gone against us this year.

"There’s been one or two times where that [attitude] has been missing and that’s the most disappointing thing out of the year – not the results. Tonight they played through the 80 minutes with wonderful attitude.

“Our thrill is watching our players’ faces when we win and watching our fans. They’re so good to us. So many people were saying to us ‘no matter what, we’re going to be here’ and that’s incredibly motivating.

"Particularly over the last period when we haven’t been getting the results, you feel very disappointed that you’ve let some of those people down – and if you don’t feel like that then you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing.

"The professional and commercial side of the game is one thing but to be able to go out there and honour the support you get is fantastic.

"We’ve got a very tough, rusted on group of people that just keep coming back for us and they were buzzing tonight. Our players and our fans were buzzing, and that’s fantastic.”