Flu postpones Watson decision

Date published: August 12 2016

Embattled president of the Eastern Province Rugby Union (EPRU), Cheeky Watson, has again escaped a vote of no confidence against him.

Watson was set to face the music at a general meeting on Saturday, but the meeting was called off at the last minute because SA Rugby executive member Francois Davids has flu and won't be able to attend the meeting.

The meeting would have been a continuation of a meeting on May 31 which couldn't be concluded. The business wing of the EPRU has since been liquidated.

"I am extremely disappointed for the clubs of EP Rugby," Rugby Transformation Coalition representative Qondakele Sompondo told The Herald.

"It is becoming quite clear to us that there is a trend to refuse to hold meetings."

EP Rugby administrator Monde Tabata denied the allegation. "If you look at the letter of our appointment as administrators here, Davids is the chairman of all meetings of this union. If it was just an ordinary meeting I guess I could chair it myself.

"But it is a meeting that is holding a governance issue in terms of the vote of no confidence. I know there is a lot of suspicion, but I want this meeting like you cannot believe."