Fleck focused on remodelling Stormers

Date published: December 15 2015

The exit of Eddie Jones and appointment of Robbie Fleck doesn't mean the Stormers will deviate from their dramatic overhaul ahead of the new season.

Fleck was appointed by the Stormers on Saturday as the franchise's interim head coach for 2016.

The former Springbok is hungry to push through the Stormers' plans for a more expansive game-plan after years of strong defence, but little to savour in attack.

"Over the years I’ve been a part of something special where we’ve built certain strong foundations in the way we’ve played … the old Stormers in terms of a great defensive game which has got us to many finals and semi-finals," Fleck told Sport24.

"But I’ve also been part of the process now with both Eddie and Gert (Smal) in terms of challenging the status quo and changing the way we want to play. I’ve been part of that process for a month or so … as a coach I’m really excited.

"The players have completely bought in. We’ve had to change the way we train and the way we see the game. We’ve worked incredibly hard on that over the last couple of weeks." 

Fleck now hopes that all of the preparation that has gone into shifting the Stormers' approach will pay off, knowing the challenges at stake.

"If we wanted to play a certain way there were things that needed to come in place. One was a big emphasis on creating super athletes, The conditioning was a massive part of it," he said.

"We felt that we weren’t fit enough as a side.

"Tactically, we needed to be smarter and play smarter rugby, especially when it comes to our kicking game and our attacking game.

"Another component was discipline, and that’s something that we have to work very hard on. We still have to have that hard edge, that strong defence that we’ve got, but we’re certainly going to change the way we approach and view the game. We are going to be smarter and we certainly are going to have more of a go."