Flashback: Obolensky brace bewilders All Blacks

Date published: January 4 2017

England were able to keep New Zealand scoreless in their 13-0 victory over the All Blacks at Twickenham. 

January 4, 1936

It was England's first ever win over the All Blacks which couldn't have come at a better time as Pathe News cameras were at the stadium and recorded the game, which allowed rugby fans all over the United Kingdom to watch England's win. The game was also spectated by a large crowd as 73 000 people packed into Twickenham Stadium.

Russian-born winger and prince, Alex Obolensky played his first ever Test for his adopted nation. The flyer scored two tries in the match, both tries widely regarded as some of the best ever scored by an English player.

Obolensky had an interesting road to English colours after his family fled Russia in 1917 during the First World War. He then grew up in London before enrolling at Trent College.

The scorers:

For England:
Obolensky 2, Sever
Drops: Cranmer

England: 15 Tuppy Owen-Smith, 14 Alexander Obolensky, 13 Ronald Gerrard, 12 Peter Cranmer, 11 Hal Sever, 10 Peter Candler, 9 Bernard Gadney (c), 8 Pop Dunkley, 7 Edward Hamilton-Hill, 6 William Weston, 5 Charles Webb, 4 Allan Clarke, 3 Joe Kendrew, 2 Ernie Nicholson, 1 Ray Longland

New Zealand: 15 Mike Gilbert, 14 Brushy Mitchell, 13 Charlie Oliver, 12 Pat Caughey, 11 Kelly Ball, 10 Snowy Tindill, 9 Merv Corner, 8 Tonk Mahoney, 7 Jack Manchester (c), 6 Hugh McLean, 5 Ron King, 4 Tori Reid, 3 Jack Hore, 2 Bill Hadley, 1 Artie Lambourn

Referee: JW Faull

Photo credit: @GreatWarRugby