England hit by shares tip scandal

Date published: November 9 2015

Several England players lost thousands of pounds after buying shares on the advice of kit man Dave Tennison, according to reports.

The Sun on Sunday were the first to report the news that a group of players – reportedly including Sam Burgess, Danny Care and David Wilson – were emailed by Tennison and told to purchase shares in the oil-drilling company LGO Energy. 

Collectively the squad are thought to have lost around £100,000, after investing at £3.27 per share before the stock dipped to being worth 50p apeice.

Tennison, who has been involved with England since 2002, sent numerous emails contacting the squad about the opportunity up until two days before their Rugby World Cup opener against Fiji.

None of the England coaches were aware of the discussions and Tennison is now expected to be relieved of his duties.

The RFU confirmed on Sunday that an investigation is underway. 

A source additionally told the Sun on Sunday: "It was a constant theme and caused no end of niggles and moaning.

"It was terrible for morale and pretty scandalous.

"Sam Burgess invested the most and was furious when the price went down so much. No-one is saying that the share tips were the reason we did so badly in the tournament, but they certainly didn’t help."