Drotské warns his Cheetahs

Date published: April 26 2013

Despite the Kings being bottom of the South African conference, the Cheetahs insist they will not underestimate their opponents.

Despite the Kings being bottom of the SA conference, the Cheetahs insist they will not underestimate the new boys in Bloemfontein on Saturday.

Second in the conference, Naka Drotské's in-form charges are currently on 27 points, a difference of 15 between them and the Port Elizabeth visitors.

The hosts have won six games, while the Kings have been victorious only twice. Drotské though says they can't afford to underestimate the Kings.

“This is one of the most important games for us. We need a victory if we are to stay in the running for a place in the knock-out stages,” he said.

“The Kings have been the big surprise of this year's competition and have shown that they are to be taken seriously.”

Just how serious the Cheetahs are about the challenge against the Kings, was reflected in their preparations this week for their tussle with the visitors. The Cheetahs put in extra hours on the practice field to make sure they are at their best come Saturday.

“We have gained a lot of confidence the last couple of weeks, mainly because of the good victories that we have obtained,” Drotské said.

“This can, however, also have a negative impact, specially if you are playing against the side at the bottom of the South African conference.

“It is important that the players know that the Kings game is not going to be a easy one.”

The Cheetahs have yet to enjoy a break, but will get a much needed bye next week after playing 10 weeks of Super Rugby.

Drotské would love nothing more than to give his side a rest, but for now the focus remains on the threat the Kings pose.

“The bye will definitely be welcome, as the players' bodies need some much needed rest, but for now the focus is on the Kings,” Drotské said.

“The teams that have managed to beat them, are teams that had to work hard to do so. And they gave them the respect that they deserve. We have to do the same.”