Daly banned for three weeks

Date published: November 28 2016

England and Wasps back Elliot Daly has been suspended for three weeks following his red card against Argentina.

Daly appeared in London (Heathrow) before an independent World Rugby Disciplinary Committee, having been red-carded by the referee for tackling an opponent in the air, in contravention of Law 10.4 (i),in the fifth minute of the match between England and Argentina at Twickenham on Saturday.

Daly accepted that he had committed an act of foul play and that it warranted a red card. Accordingly, the Disciplinary Committee, chaired by Kathrine Mackie (Scotland), alongside Derek Bevan (Wales) and Hugo Southwell (Scotland), considered what would be the appropriate sanction.

Having viewed video footage of the incident, listened to evidence and representations from and on behalf of the player, and reviewed all of the other evidence, the Disciplinary Committee found that Daly had acted recklessly and that the offending merited a mid-range entry point based on World Rugby’s scale of seriousness, which carries a six-week playing suspension.

The Disciplinary Committee further found that there were no aggravating factors and that there were a number of mitigating factors (including Daly’s acknowledgement of wrongdoing, expression of remorse to the injured player and his good conduct at the hearing) such that his playing suspension be reduced by three weeks.

Daly is therefore suspended from playing rugby for a total of three weeks, up to and including Sunday, December 18.

Law 10.4(i)

Tackling, tapping, pushing or pulling an Opponent jumping for the ball in a lineout or in open play.