Cooper ruled fit for season opener

Date published: February 18 2014

Reds fly-half Quade Cooper has been cleared to play in his side's opener against the Brumbies in Canberra on Saturday.

Reds fly-half Quade Cooper is available for selection after being cleared to play in his side's opener against the Brumbies in Canberra on Saturday.

“If I'm picked I'll be 100% ready to go, I've been given the all clear,” Cooper told the Reds' official website.

“From a medical perspective there is no severe damage or any reason that I shouldn't be able to play. I just need to continue to get through each session.

“I feel pretty good, I feel like a rugby player. I'm sure there are more guys such as the front rowers, who are scrummaging every day and feeling a lot worse than I am so I'm happy to be up and about and joining my team-mates for training.”

Cooper along with many other Reds players have marked the first match against the Brumbies as one the team is keen to win after they went down to the 2013 tournament's runners-up 24-6 in last year's corresponding match.

“You remember every victory, but you also remember every loss and want to make amends for that,” he added.

“We're not going to look back and use that as our sole motivation, our motivation is about being better as a team and doing things in 2014 that we haven't done since 2011.

“We want to win another title and work as hard as we can to rectify that and make sure we're winning each game and that starts with the Brumbies.”

While the Brumbies weren't renowned for adventurous game play in 2013, they played to their strengths and Cooper is conscious of this heading into Saturday's game.

“What the Brumbies do well is play to their skill set,” he said.

“If you look at the Brumbies last year, they didn't do anything crazy or out of the box, but what they did do, they did well.”

“We expect that from them every year, to be a quality side that are well drilled who also have immense talent throughout their squad.”

“The challenge for us will be to go down to Canberra, a place they're very comfortable playing in, and successfully nullifying their game.”