Club name change for Racing

Date published: June 10 2015

Parisian team Racing-Metro 92 have announced that the club will be simply known as 'Racing 92' in the future.

Club president Jacky Lorenzetti confirmed the news on Wednesday.

"We had to undo the legal relationship with the US Metro and we wanted to keep the number 92, to confirm our presence in the Hauts-de-Seines," said the Swiss businessman.

'Racing Metro' was formed in 2001 when the rugby section of 'Racing Club de France' split off from the general sports club to merge with the rugby section of US Métro, the Paris public transport sports club.

'92' is the number of Hauts-de-Seine, a département of Île-de-France (which includes Paris), where they play, and whose council gives financial backing to the club.