Chiefs resolve sexism incident

Date published: January 13 2017

The Chiefs have said in a statement that the matter of their players hurling sexist remarks towards two traffic wardens on Thursday has been resolved.

Players at the franchise, allegedly, verbally attacked two female traffic wardens after a practice when finding tickets on their cars.

Chiefs head coach Dave Rennie apologised for his players’ actions on Thursday in a statement.

The Waikato side released another statement on Friday where they said they have sorted out the matter with the victims.

“Members of the Chiefs Rugby Club have visited the Hamilton City Council this afternoon to meet with representatives and apologise in person for distress caused from comments made by players participating in a Chiefs training on Wednesday at Steele Park.”

“The two female parking wardens were present at the meeting along with Acting CEO Kelvyn Eglinton and other representatives from Hamilton City Council. During the amicable meeting the incident was discussed at length.

“An apology was offered by player representatives on behalf of the Chiefs and was accepted by the Parking Wardens and their management.

“The Chiefs accept full responsibility for the unacceptable language used at Steele Park on Wednesday and are deeply embarrassed at the ramifications caused by using this language amongst their peer group. The Chiefs sincerely apologise for the impact it has on those who support the organisation including sponsors, fans and the wider rugby community.

“Having the opportunity to meet and discuss the issue openly clarified Wednesday’s incident from the perspective of both parties and the explanation provided by the Chiefs was accepted.

“The incident was made public by a member of the community who approached media and not by the parking wardens themselves.

“The issue has been dealt with to the satisfaction of both the Hamilton City Council and the Chiefs Rugby Club.

“No further comment will be provided.”

No Chiefs players have been specifically named in the incident.