Cheika labels Hansen’s perspective as ‘shallow’

Date published: June 21 2016

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika says All Black boss Steve Hansen implying that he allowed England head coach Eddie Jones to bully him, is shallow.

Hansen said on Sunday that Cheika let his old friendship with Jones allow the Australian-born coach to bully him in the media, but Cheika doesn't believe it was an issue at all. 

"I’d be pretty nonplussed about that," Cheika told The Roar.

"I think that’s a really shallow sort of view on what’s really involved in coaching and he knows better than that. It’s easy to kick blokes when they are down, so we are down, but we’ll be getting back up, don’t worry about that."

Cheika admits his own silence in the media is because he believes a media side-show with Jones wouldn't benefit his side.

"If I thought it would have made us play better, yeah I would have got into it," he added.

"It’s nice to circle around that idea and go `yeah that makes a difference,’ but anyone who knows the game will understand it has no bearing whatsoever on the end results. I probably haven’t been the most popular character all my life, so I wasn’t used to people liking me anyway.

"If they are not big on the way I’ve taken on the media campaign then that’s their problem. I’ve done what I think is best for the team and I still believe it’s the best for the team."