Cheika, Jones feud heats up ahead of showdown

Date published: November 28 2016

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika criticised the way England coach Eddie Jones has treated his home country this year.

Cheika said he felt Jones directed a lot of ‘vitriol’ towards Australia during the June series, in which he let the former Wallabies coach do most of the talking.

"It's always difficult when you go back into a tournament against teams you have coached before and you don't know how to play it," Cheika told reporters.

"Do you go reserved or get stuck into them? I know what I do. Even in a country like Ireland where I coached for many years. But that is the choice he wants to make and thinks that is the best for his team.

"There was a lot a vitriol about Australia his home nation where he coached and opportunities were given to him to grow up as a coach and play," he said.

"Personally, if you want to leave a legacy somewhere you don't hit back at it do you when you leave."

Cheika also stuck up for the Australian media, whom Jones accused of disrespect once again after his team’s defeat of Argentina.

Jones’s comments were in reference to an awkward exchange between he and former Wallaby and commentator Stephen Hoiles, though Cheika questioned how genuine Jones’s anger was.

"Hoilesy gave him a serve jokingly in one of the press conferences and I think he's since called Hoilesy and said it was only a joke, chin up because I think Hoilesy was bit a rattled by it because he's only new in the media," he said.

"For him it's his career and it might be fun and games for the other guy (Jones) but for a kid like Hoilesy he's trying to build his career.

"But it's good experience for him I suppose to get in the fire. But I don't think there's disrespect from our end but that's the way she rolls."