Carter loving life in Paris

Date published: January 28 2016

New Zealand legend Dan Carter has expressed his joy at the fact that he was able to settle in well at new his new club Racing 92 in Paris.

Carter joined the French side on a three-year deal after helping the All Blacks secure their third Rugby World Cup in 2015.

At first, Carter was worried that it would take some time for the Parisians to warm up to him given their sassy reputation, but has since debunked that rumour saying that they have been extremely welcoming.

"The people in the streets, my neighbours, are very friendly and welcoming towards me and my family, more than I thought they would be," he told

"For example, my neighbours in Meudon (in south-west Paris), where we live are inviting me around to their houses."

Taking his new surroundings one day at a time, the world's leading international points scorer added that although he feels much more at ease in Paris than he does when he is in New Zealand, he is still taking his rugby very seriously.

"I was a little surprised to be recognised, but in other ways I am left in peace not like in New Zealand. It's refreshing," he said.

"You can always be better, you can never be satisfied. This is what motivates me, this is why I play rugby. Nothing should ever be taken for granted. I want to improve every day until I retire."