Carter confident Brumbies will turn it around

Date published: March 9 2017

Brumbies captain Sam Carter is confident both himself and the team will continue to grow as the season progresses if they keep believing.

The side suffered two narrow defeats to open the season but newly promoted captain Carter is adamant they can turn things around. And that starts with him.

Since being handed the captaincy, the 27-year-old lock has admitted to some steep learning curves but won’t let that put him off.

"It’s been tough," Carter told the Brumbies website.

"It’s always tough after a loss but I think you learn a lot more about yourself and a lot more about the team so I’ve personally come a long way in just two weeks. I’m looking forward to learning throughout the season."

The Brumbies turned down chances to kick penalties in the final stages of the loss to the Sharks, putting faith in their ability to come up with a major score. Instead of dwelling on what could have been, Carter said they won’t change their approach through the remainder of the season.

"We back every decision we do," he said. "In hindsight it’s easy to say, we could have kicked the points, but again if we’d just executed the line out and scored we would have won the game as well.

"We are building a culture down here where there are no bad decisions, we are going to back everything we do and that’s just part of who we are."

That mentality extends to the entire playing squad, regardless of whether they suit up on match days. And, while admitting they still have a lot of work to do, the skipper believes the foundations are there to take that next step.

"That’s the kind of culture we want to instil down here, that everyone’s fighting for a position," Carter commented.

"Even if you’re not in that game-day squad you’re still fighting to be in the team. If we have all the reserves pushing us, it will make us better and make them better.

"I think defensively we’ve been really good and the energy has been there. We’ve put ourselves in situations to win the game we just haven’t executed under pressure. They’re the little things you learn (as captain) and it’s something we need to work on."