Brumbies move for cut NFL player

Date published: April 21 2015

It seems the Brumbies will have a new face at training next month when former NFL tight end Chris Coyle arrives in Australia from Arizona.

The Canberra side, who have a good relationship with Arizona State University, are eager to offer Coyle an opportunity. He will touch down on Friday, May 8.

Coyle, 24, was released from his contract at the Houston Texans last year because of a shoulder injury and cannot wait to begin his new venture.

"[The ASU coach] told me there was a team in Australia that was interested in training me to become a [professional] rugby player," he told The Arizona Republic.

"He explained the opportunities, that I could have a good future in rugby overseas. He said a lot of ex-football players could be doing it, but they don't take the risk and give it a shot.

"There are so many places you can end up, with a lot of great financial opportunities because the sport is so popular in other areas of the world."

He continued: "There's such a connection between the two sports. And at first, I just used my athleticism. I used the things I knew from football, my route running skills and my ball-carrying skills. But now, there's so many times when I'll use a technique from football for leverage in rugby, or something like that.

"The difference is, there's not a defined play like in football. It flows like soccer. It's a ton of fun, such an active game, and anybody can get the ball at any moment. And when I'm on defence, it takes me back to my high school days and I get to tackle again.

"I wouldn't say the NFL is closed for good. But it seems like my best opportunity is in rugby. And I can't wait to get to Australia and see how it goes."