Brown: ‘I got it off my chest’

Date published: January 31 2016

England full-back Mike Brown believes his outburst after the Rugby World Cup was necessary in order to move on.

Brown said after the tournament that the trust within the squad had been "completely shot" after England's campaign ended in disaster.

"I wasn't happy after the World Cup. I was annoyed," Brown said.

"I got it off my chest. It's always good to get things off your chest rather than keep it bottled up. It seems to have worked, to have resolved itself.

"As Eddie said, it's in the past. If there's anything to sort out it will be done behind closed doors. But it's all good. It's all finished.

"Eddie suggested perhaps a few beers down the pub if needs be, but I'm happy with what I said because it was how I felt. If anyone has an issue with that then I am sure they will say it.

"But as to it having a desired effect, I didn't do it for anyone else, I did it to get how I felt off my chest. What I said was what I thought and I am not here to please anyone else.

"I said what I said. If it works as such, fine. But there are no issues, we are all excited to be here and cracking on with it."

Brown is also backing Dylan Hartley to do a fine job as England captain following his appointment ahead of the Six Nations.

"Dylan is a good appointment as leader. He has shown what he can do at Northampton," added Brown.

"I've grown up playing alongside him since England Under-21s. He was a leader back then and he is now.

"Dylan leads from the front. He's aggressive, he's confrontational and he never takes a backward step.

"Will teams wind him up? Some would say the same about me, I guess. They can try, I'm sure. I'm pretty positive he'll be fine.

"It's fine, It's just about controlling yourself and dealing with that. I guess it goes on a lot, but you don't want to focus too much on one player when you go into a game.

"It's international rugby and if you focus on one guy, then there are 14 other players that will sting you elsewhere. If teams want to do that, that's fine by us."