Boudjellal wants Laporte for France

Date published: March 3 2015

Mourad Boudjellal wants to help turn France's fortunes around by offering to let Bernard Laporte assist Philippe Saint-André.

The controversial Toulon president may put his club above all else, however he remains a keen French supporter, and has been disappointed by their struggles under Saint-André.

The current French boss left Toulon to take charge of les Bleus, but Boudjellal believes his successor, Laporte, might be the perfect man to help Saint-André get turn it around before the World Cup.

Having coached France for eight years, including at two World Cups, Laporte is vastly experienced, but it seems unlikely that his abrasive style would fit in with the current set-up.

"I'm not going to take part in this competition to destroy Philippe Saint-André," Boudjellal told La Provence

"However, if people are prepared to trust me, and I think I've proved my worth with Toulon, I'd be willing to free Bernard Laporte so that he could go and support Philippe. 

"We have to save the World Cup. It's in the interest of French rugby in general. Philippe isn't comfortable in the role of the bad guy, as we saw him on Sunday. Bernard, he realy knows how to do that dirty work. He's always done it willingly. 

"However, like Bernard, Philippe understands how to lead a group. I know them both well and I think they would work well together. If you asked me and I had to choose, that's the duo I'd prefer for France: Saint-André-Laporte.

"I think Bernard is more of a pitchside man that Serge Blanco. Blanco was an immense player, everyone agrees on that, but he's never coached and today, Saint-André and this French team need above all a renowned coached within the coaching staff. 

"The proof, we can see that Philippe Saint-André's views which are influenced by Sergio Blanco, aren't suited to the current generation. They're told about the jersey and commitment, but that's 1980s rugby. It's not enough.

"At the club we'll cope for that period. Bernard has put some solid structures in place and he can rely on his top quality assistants (Jacques Delmas and Pierre Mignoni)."