Bothma banned for two weeks

Date published: October 9 2015

Namibia’s Renaldo Bothma has been suspended for two weeks after admitting an act of foul play contrary to Law 10.4(e) (dangerous tackling).

Following a review of video footage, Bothma was cited by Independent Citing Commissioner Maurizio Vancini (Italy) under Law 10.4(e) for a dangerous high tackle during the 49th minute of Namibia’s Rugby World Cup 2015 Pool C match against Georgia at Sandy Park in Exeter.

The hearing related to a consideration of sanction only given the admission of the act of foul play by the player.

Bothma was suspended by Independent Judicial Officer Alan Hudson (Canada) in accordance with the Rugby World Cup 2015 Disciplinary process.

With respect to the sanction, the Judicial Officer deemed the act of foul play merited a low-end entry point of two weeks.

The Judicial Officer added one week for aggravation due to the need to deter this type of dangerous foul play.

However, taking into account mitigating factors including his conduct prior to and at the hearing, his remorse, good character and clear disciplinary record, the Judicial Officer reduced the suspension to a period of two weeks.

In the context of the Rugby World Cup tournament, a week equates to one match. The suspension takes effect immediately, therefore Bothma is suspended for Namibia’s final Pool C match against Argentina.

The suspension thereafter reverts to weeks and the player will miss his next scheduled match for Toyota Verblitz on November 14. Bothma is free to play again on November 15.